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Faith and Steampunk: A Review of The Dragon Brigade Series

The Dragon Brigade series by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes is a fun mix of steampunk, dragons, and court intrigue, all surrounded by the thematic element of faith.

4/5 - Enjoyed and Recommend
Summary The story takes place in a world that floats on a thick gas called the Breath of God ruled politically by rival nations Freya and Rosia and spiritually by the Church of the Breath. Magic is vital to these societies: everything from air ships to guns is held together and kept working by magic sigils.
As the story begins, a crucial scientific discovery has occurred that could upset the balance of power, and has all three groups pursuing it. Furthermore, rumors of attacks perpetrated by demons riding giant bats and shooting green flame have the grand bishop strangely nervous.
I don't want to give too much away because the slow discovery of how and why everything is happening is part of the excitement of this series!
Faith One of the central themes in this series is faith in God, espe…

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