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Striving in Vain: A Brief Review of The Memory of the Flames Series

I know lots of stories are compared to Game of Thrones these days because of its popularity, but this series truely resembles George Martin's fantasy soap opera.

2/5 - Had Serious Flaws
Soap Opera

The Memory of the Flames series by Stephen Deas follows a multitude of characters ranging across political groups and social class in a empire ruled by a Speaker overseeing Dragon Kings and Queens. These are people who have power because of the number of dragons that they own and dragon riders that follow them.

The dragons, however, are not the mere beasts that they appear. They are, in fact, kept in submission by a potion fed to them by the alchemists to keep them from "awakening." When one dragon is lost in an apparent attempt to steal her, she no longer receives this drug and begins to remember her past lives (when they die, dragons re-enter an egg and hatch again, so there is always the same number). She resolves to free her kindred and wipe out humanity ("Little Ones&q…

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