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On Fantastic Stories - Part 1: Plot

This is a new series in which I will attempt to describe my ideas about what makes a good Fantastic story. I will focus largely on the Fantasy genre, as my favorite Science-Fiction has more to do with Fantasy than Weird Fiction or Horror. Feel free to disagree in the comments below!

Today, I will focus on plot. In other segments, I will discuss setting with a focus on world-building and Escapism in the context of thematic elements. Let me know if there is anything you else you would like me to discuss!

Myth Patterns

When it comes to plot, I think the Campbellian Monomyth is the most powerful (as opposed to the American Monomyth). This is a story pattern commonly found in myths from all cultures, and, as a result, it is often followed in classically defined fantasy.

In this monomyth, the hero’s path can be thought of as a circle, beginning and ending in the same place. Campbell describes it in his book A Hero with a Thousand Faces, "The standard path of the mythological adventure of t…

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