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End of the World Via Dragon Army: A Brief Review of The Legion of Flame

Anthony Ryan delivers again in The Legion of Flame (2017), second book in The Draconis Memoria. I am very excited for the next installment!
I was particularly struck by the similarities - and the important differences - between Ryan's work and The Memory of the Flames series by Stephen Deas which I recently reviewed.

5/5 - Thoroughly Enjoyed! 
Similarities In both stories, dragons/drakes have been controlled by humans and break free. A white dragon/drake begins gathering their kin to wage war on humanity, using subjugated humans as tools or food as they go. Furthermore, the human societies are steeped in intrigue, in-fighting, and deep-seeded resentment of one another.
Differences In my review of The Memory of the Flames, I faulted Deas for playing too loosely with audience emotion by killing off view-point characters, thereby teaching readers not to invest in their efforts. The story-line surrounding the human nobility seemed to be developing separate from the story-line about th…

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