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Build On What You CAN Do: A Brief Review of The Silvered

5/5 - Thoroughly Enjoyed! Summary
The Silvered is a stand-alone fantasy novel written by Tanya Huff (2012). It follows Mirian Maylin as she steps up when the Empire invades the were-kingdom of Aydori, her homeland. She happens to be nearby when the emperor's men capture five women of the Mage-Pack, and, along with Hunt Pack member Thomas Hagen, resolves to rescue them, even though she is only a low-level mage.
Character Development
I thought the best feature of this story was the character development. Mirian goes from a privileged but relatively powerless girl to the greatest mage of her time in incremental steps.
As I've said in my On Fantastic Stories series, a story should motivate and empower the reader to action in their own life. Huff does this well through her main character.
Miriam begins with a conviction to do what is right and so little magical talent that she is dropping out of university. Her abilities boil down to lighting a candle and blowing it out again; two se…

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