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Stranger Things to Mundane Things: A Brief Review of Stranger Things with Comments on the Show's Current Trajectory

I finally finished watching the Netflix original series Stranger Things (Seasons 1-2). Stranger Things Logo I think these two seasons were enjoyable - lots of good 80's fun - and I definitely recommend them if you haven't seen them yet! But I think the show is likely to plateau in the third season. 4/5 - Great Entertainment Stating the Obvious First, to identify some of the elements I believe contributed to the show's initial success: hometown America setting, adventure story tropes, classic horror monster (think black-and-white tv), teamwork and problem-solving, strong friendships. It is my opinion that the show is moving away from these elements, and will continue to do so to a greater degree in Season Three. Relationships I don't believe the writers of this show are talented enough to sustain the purity of the relationship between Mike and Eleven now that they are "together." I find it more likely that they will shift the drama of

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