A Tour in Books

Hello all!

Welcome back to my blog!

As you no doubt noticed, it looks different. The content will be different, too. I’m taking a more laid-back and conversational approach, so, while there will still be reviews of books, I will be doing other things as well.

For this week: A tour through the bookshelves of my house!

Living Room

This is the bookshelf for company. The books we think are interesting and likely to spark discussion are here, and they are all in their Sunday best.

These include Ben’s collection of Science Fiction novels. Their covers are so eye-catching!

And a portion of our Tolkien books – mostly written by the man himself.

If you are ever visiting us and are trying to think of something to talk about, wander over to this shelf and pick one. It’s sure to spark a conversation!

Basement Den

In the den is a set of World Encyclopedias from the 1960s. They belonged to Ben’s family when he was little, and his dad built the shelf for them!

They are especially nice because they were published only a couple years after our house was built, and they are kid-friendly. Plus, they smell so good.

My Office

I’ve shared a picture on Facebook when we first moved the second shelf into my office. My fiction collection had out-grown the one, and it won’t be long before I need a third shelf!

I love this series by Naomi Novik!

Whenever I buy a book, Ben teases me that I should get rid of one to make room.


We don’t actually keep books on a shelf in the bedroom. I don’t know why. But Ben always has books on his nightstand which he reads through steadily.

I’m currently reading through this book I got at the estate sale at a relaxed pace, so I’m leaving it next to the bed (sometimes on the stand, sometimes on the floor). That way it is always to hand when I’m winding down!

Would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below about where you keep your books!

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