Estate Sale Haul

Not far from my childhood home is a bright yellow house with red shutters and a green roof. A few weekends ago my mom called and told me my family had hit the jackpot there: an estate sale with tons of books! And because my family is the best family ever, they picked out a box-full of books for me!

As if this wasn't good enough, I drove home on a whim last weekend and just so happened to be there for a second sale at the same house!

We bundled into the van and drove a just few miles down the road. (Knowing me, I was going to buy a stack of books too heavy to carry home if I walked.)

Even though it was still early, there were already cars parked along the road and people hurrying in and out, rushing to discover a treasure before someone else and then get away with it before the proprietors realized what they were getting rid of so cheaply.

We were no less eager, so we followed a sign directing us to parking down behind the house, and entered through the walk-in basement - directly into the library!

I hope when I die I am still living in such a home as this man was: a cute, two bedroom house with art on every wall and a dry basement full of books! His family had already been selling books for three days and we still spent over an hour there, browsing the shelves. Books on art, literature, book collecting, geology; old and new; on shelves along the walls, jutting out to form corners where browsers could get caught and linger with books on three sides.

Tolkien Books

All of these books are Tolkien-related! A big thank you to my dad for discovering them! Of particular note: The Monsters and the Critics is a pricey book of essays by Tolkien on a "philological and philosophical" topics, and a hard cover copy of The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien with a newspaper article by Tolkien scholar T. Shippey inside!
(Sorry about the poor quality - I took it with my phone)

This one is Ben's from the haul: a collection of Tolkien's poems set to sheet music for voice and piano!

Doctor Who

These books about classic Who were all that was left of whatever Sci-Fi collection might have been, but I'm pleased I got them. They're so cool!


I have a couple of fiction books with titles similar to Dragons: A Natural History, but these are non-fiction discussions of dragon myths!

Hedgehog Book

Finally, at the last minute (when I already had too many books) Mom found this one and I had to have it! Yes, merely because it has "hedgehog" in the title. I mean, look at this cutie!

I kept saying, "I have to stop! We have to go home! I have too many already!", but I ended up going home with a second box. At $0.50 each, how could I go wrong?

Would love to hear from you guys! Do any of these books look interesting to you? When you go to an estate sale, what do you find irresistible?


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