Index by Author

Baxter, Stephen : The Wheel of IceThe Long Earth

Bowen, Lila : Wake of Vultures

Brennan, Marie : Memoirs by Lady Trent series

Butcher, Jim : The Aeronaut's Windlass

Cowell, Cressida : How to Train Your Dragon 

Deas, Stephen : The Memory of the Flames series

de Castell, Sebastien : Traitor's Blade

Fforde, Jasper : The Woman Who Died a Lot

Foglio, Phil and Kaja : Girl Genius series

Funke, Cornelia : Inkheart 

Hill, Joe : Horns

Hobb, Robin : The Rain Wild Chronicles

Huff, Tanya : The Silvered

Johansen, Erika : The Queen of the Tearling

Kristoff, Jay : Stormdancer

Lawrence, Mark : The Broken Empire trilogy

Lockwood, Todd : The Summer Dragon

Mann, George : The Casebook of Newbury and Hobbes Vol. 1

Novik, Naomi : Temeraire seriesUprooted 

Pinborough, Sarah : Beauty: A Wicked Sleeping Beauty Tale

Power, Stephen S. : The Dragon Round

Pratchett, Terry and Stephen Baxter : The Long Earth

Reddick, Robert V.S.: The Chathrand Voyage saga

Ryan, Anthony : The Waking Fire, Raven's Shadow Series, The Draconis Memoria series

Sullivan, Michael J. : Age of MythRiyria Revelations series

Walton, Jo : The Just City

Weiss, Margaret and Robert Krammes : The Dragon Brigade series

Wrede, Patricia C. : Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Williams, Tad : Brokedown Palace


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